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Papa D's BBQ

Chaska, MN 55318

Over 20 years ago Papa D took a trip to his local grocery store intent on finding the perfect BBQ sauce.  After wading through the endless sea of BBQ sauce bottles, he was unable to find a single sauce that included both the sweet and smokey flavor he was searching for.  Frustrated by the same old selection, Papa D headed home with one thing on his mind...

to make a BETTER sauce! 

After months of trials, tribulations, sleepless nights and some minor hair-loss,

he finally came up with the perfect blend of ketchup, brown sugar and spices

to create the sweet and smokey flavor he had been dreaming of.- the flavor

of Papa D's Original BBQ Sauce!

It took a fair amount of convincing and a little arm pulling to finally get

Papa D to share his amazing BBQ sauce with the rest of the world.  

Since then, Papa D has been selling his BBQ sauce online and at local

farmer's markets in Minnesota.  

If you're like Papa D, and you're bored with the same old selection

of BBQ sauces, give Papa D's BBQ Sauce a try... your friends, family

and taste buds will thank you!

It all started with a trip to the grocery store!